Art for Heart

Art for Heart is an art studio located in malleshwaram west, banaglore. We instruct and nurture over 50 students over a syllabus which includes 40 different forms of art. Each and every young artist is embedded with a high level of skill under the able guidance of our art instructors. We understand the passion of every soul in our studio and help them with refined and fine level of artist experience , so they can excel on any scale. That's art for heart for us, a place for learning.

art for hearts works

Vision and Mission

ART FOR HEART believes that education is beyond instruction and skill and that knowledge is inherently integrated and complex and therefore learning must be embedded in real-world problems and situations. We believe in extending education beyond the "gated" and the "preserved". Education should be "permeable" and "porous" allowing students to work at every level, making them street-smart and fearless in the process. This spontaneously helps them experiment with the textures and styles of the rural and the urban culture. "We help bringing your imagination into life."

We Educate

  1. Fundamentals Mix Media
  2. Free Hand Sketching Poster Colour
  3. Pencil Shading Water Colour
  4. Pen and Ink Clay Modelling
  5. Light & Shade Sculptures
  6. Texturing Perspective
  7. Designs Quilting
  8. Pot Painting Acrylic & Oil Colours
  9. Charcoal Lettering / Calligraphy
  10. Portrait School and College Projects

About the Founder


From K.G.F, a mining town in Kolar district of Karnataka state. Travelled extensively towards art from the childhood. Loved to discover my love for art at a very young age.
When I was four years old I started making sketches and drawings with charcoal on the walls and floor of my room. I was Encouraged to pursue my interest by my mother Nagarani and Friend Manoj Kumar who thought I had the potential of becoming a painter.
I finished my primary schooling from Gurukulam (Veda Vyasa Gurukula Paatashala Bangalore) and higher studies from VIVEKANANDA VIDHYA KENDRA in KGF. I found it difficult to pass out with good grades from PUC Education in KGF first grade college. Rather than helping dad in his business I came to Bangalore, joined a fine art college in Karnataka CHITHRA KALA PARISHATH. With financial lacks and constraints , I followed my passion without any doubts in my abilities.

Studied and worked as labour to complete my bachelor of visual art works thought many things apart from college subjects leart and experienced the field work and started going in depth as,
  • Assistant for senior artists.
  • Worked in art studios
  • Sign board artist
  • Painted lorries
  • Commercial works
  • Copy writing of cine posters
  • Painted cutouts of cine stars
  • Letters and figures on wall
  • Event artist for making portraits and caricature
  • Commission based works

Dhanya Shree K

DhanyaShree k, is an artist, teacher, facilitator and assistant at art for heart. She initially joined art classes as she wanted to become a fashion designer to master the skill of pencil sketching as it was necessary for the course. As days passed she started developing an interest and liking for art, but it wasn’t easy. With no prior background to drawing, vijay sir made sure he put in extra effort and time to nurture her skill and bring out the best in her. Giving her 100%, she made sure her guru’s efforts didn’t go waste. Every time the going got tough her family and friends always had her back with their support. With faith in herself and the almighty, she started her journey with one thing in mind – nothing is impossible. Dhanyshree is a very friendly teacher but when it’s down to business she means business and is very stern in her methods of teaching. Quality teaching and not quantity teaching is her motto. She portrays art as a form of communication. Dhanyashree’s vision towards art is to educate every soul about art and help people pursue their dream in this noble field. Art shouldn’t only taken up only as a hobby but also must be taken seriously as a subject. She believes in giving her 100% and wishes to help highlight the importance of art in the society.

Yashaswini S

Yashaswini S, an artist and art coordinator at art for heart didn’t actually start with a hardcore passion for art. A computer science engineer from shivamogga, she was placed in the IT sector. Yashaswini’s journey into the world of art is rather an inspiring one. After being victim to a tragic accident, she lost her right hand neurologically. Despite several attempts at surgeries and painkillers to numb the excruciating pain, nothing worked. Everything else failed. Not to be broken by this, she pursued her long lost hobby of calligraphy. Unable to put her right hand to use she started working with her left. To forget the pain, she started taking art classes with vijay sir. What started as a hobby, now turned into professional training. After pursuing her grade exam on fine art, she was now finally more artist and less engineer day by day. Yashaswini experienced more satisfaction being surrounded by canvas and colours. It took her time to understand, but the passion had already kicked in and she was in it for the long run. Gradually she learned the methodology and was deemed fit to be an art coordinator after serving as an artist for 4years at art for heart. She has definitely made her savior, Vijay sir very proud!

Srinidhi M

Srinidhi M, the youngest of the staff is just 17 and highly motivated. An artist and an art facilitator at Art for heart currently, Srinidhi started his journey early after completing his 10th grade. His passion and love for art was infinite. Pursuing his dream to become a great artist one day he met Vijay sir, who skillfully nurtured him into a fine artist. Being an assistant to Vijay sir, Srinidhi started his learning process. Slowly did he start noticing that he wanted to become like his guru. His perspective to art was changed and broadened. He aims to become an artist like Vijay sir, after spending so much time learning with his idol.